Cacao in the Mayan World

Learn the history, traditions, and significance behind cacao from a Mayan Tz’utujil perspective.

Cacao Guardian Training

Learn under a seasoned Cacao Guardian and gain the knowledge and skills necessary conduct your own cacao ceremonies.

Chocolate: Bean to Bar

Learn to craft chocolate bars and drinking chocolate using ancestral Mayan methods.

Mayan Plant Medicine

Dive into the study of medicinal plants through the Mayan lens. Learn the qualities and healing properties of plants in the Mayan world and how they can be applied to aid and cure illness and disease.

The 20 Naguals

Learn the essences of the 20 Naguals, their representations and associations in Mayan culture, and how they are woven into the Mayan calendar.

Mayan Cooking Classes

Join me and learn how to make delicious and traditional Mayan dishes.

Cacao for Body & Home

Learn to make soap, lip balm, and candles using the cacao plant.