Mayan Calendar Ceremony

The Mayan calendar ceremony connects us with the energy of time through fire. Flowing through the 20 Nawales, the protective spirits of the day, it will invoke healing, cleansing, and blessings in life.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is… love happiness passion calm medicine. The cacao ceremony helps us to connect with our soul and heart, providing a path by which we will return to self-love and internal balance. Group and one-on-one ceremony options available.

Flower Bath Ceremony

This ceremony is intended for those seeking deep relaxation and inner connection. Local herbs and flowers are gathered and prepared in a hot bath, allowing us to absorb the forces of mother Earth and water. In doing so, our energy-ways are cleansed and revitalized. Plant baths are taken in a harmonious outdoor setting around Lake Atitlán.

Temazcal Ceremony

In a Temezcal ceremony, we undergo a rebirth of the body and soul through the cleansing properties of medicinal plants combined with water and heat. Symbolically, it is the union with the uterus of the Mother. Temezcal provides us a way to maintain health, balance, and quietude in the mind. The ceremony is held in a sweat lodge constructed from volcanic stone or cement.